Materials & Care

What do I use to make my hats?

I specially select yarn brands to create the softest and most durable hats for babies and kids. When it’s made by me, you can feel and see the quality difference! It is important you receive a product you like, use, and one that holds up to everyday wear and tear. You can rest assured that hats, blankets and toys for babies and kids (and us grown-ups too!) will be crafted carefully to withstand pulling, stretching and frequent washings. I have six kids – trust me, your items will last!

Caring for your Bec’s Fiber Fetish Product

All hats and toys should be tossed into a pillow case to be washed to make sure they aren’t caught on any zippers or velcro, and to stop the ear strings on hats from wrapping around other items or getting caught in your machine.

Use Color-Safe detergents and soaps with your BFF items.

Please be aware that soaking in detergents such as OxiClean is NOT RECOMMENDED, as fading or bleeding may occur and ruin or change the look of your items.

Extra tips can also be found below, according to type of fiber blend and/or product. If you cannot find an answer here, please Email Me with any concerns or questions about care and use BEFORE you attempt to clean your item – it is always best to ask first so you will not risk harming your Fiber Fetish!

Hats, Head Wraps/Runner’s Ear Warmers – Machine Wash & Dry. Color-Safe Bleach Only. DO NOT wash with velcro or zippered items. Always put your Fiber Fetish into a knits bag or pillowcase to protect it from snags when washing/drying. Handwash & Air-Dry is always best for crocheted or knit hats. Never wring out your BFF item to remove water.

Hats with Pom-Poms – Designs with “store-bought” pom-poms should hold up to machine washing, but I would recommend hand washing any item with pom-poms. Yarn pom-poms are by custom request only and are for GENTLE Hand Wash & Dry ONLY! They are too delicate to be washed in your washing machine and will come apart if you wash & dry them in a machine.

Cowls & Scarves (100% Acrylic)  – Machine wash and dry in a pillow case for best protection. Machine Wash & Dry. Color-Safe Bleach Only. DO NOT wash with velcro or zippered items. Never wring out your BFF item to remove water!

Lovies & Stuffies (100% Acrylic, 100% new polyester fiber fill, plastics safety eyes) – You CAN machine wash and dry these! I do ALL the time – did I mention I had six kids?! Machine wash and dry in a pillow case for best protection. Items may “fuzz” with static cling after the dryer, but they will calm down after a bit and look fine.

100% Cotton – Machine wash & air dry (dryer may be used, but be aware that some shrinkage will occur). Color-Safe Bleach ONLY. Machine drying is not recommended for wearable items as shrinking will change the size and fit of your item.

100% Wool or Wool Blends – Hand wash in cold, GENLTY – don’t rub, you don’t want to “felt” your wool! Lay flat to dry.