Wild and Free Blanket – PATTERN ONLY


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This blanket is named for the use of the “free loops” of the DCs that are utilized to make the flowers pop from the motif n a uniquely defined way. If is a simple new trick to add to your crochet arsenal!

Yarn & Colors
Weight and gauge are not important for this project. I created my blanket with a 4mm hook and Scheepies Colour Crafter yarn, which is DK weight and about 322 yards per ball.

You’ll want to choose your weight and colors and work up a motif to see what your finished size will be to determine the size of your finish blanket. Pattern is EASILY made lager or smaller by changing the number motifs used to complete the blanket.

Depending on your brand of yarn you may need more or less than suggested.

Colors & Yarn Amounts
1 Ball Color A – Flower Centers
2 Balls Color B – Petals & Popcorn Accents
2 Balls Color C – Background & Join Color
2 Balls Color D – Petals & Popcorn Accents
2 Balls Color E – Background, Join Color & Border

FREE LOOP – this loop has also been called the “third loop” or “horizontal bar” – the official terminology seems to be undefined thus far. I’ve always called it the “free loop.”